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Our History

Griffin Cycles History!

Griffin Cycle is a family owned business serving the greater Bethesda community for over 60 years. In that time, they have built a tradition of finding the perfect bicycle for everyone and ensuring your continued riding enjoyment for years to come. 

    In 1948 the Lloyd brothers opened Lloyds Sporting Goods, a small sporting equipment and, of course, bicycles. Upon their retirement, Jim Griffin purchased the shop in 1971, changed the name to Griffin Cycle and specialized in bicycles. With his son Nick at his side, he made the store into a comfortable and knowledgeable environment where families, enthusiasts and racers alike could depend upon the Griffins to provide them with excellent bicycles from brands like Raleigh, Shogun and Ross. 

     1986 brought new life to Griffin Cycle when Nick took over for his father. He and his staff kept up with all the exciting changes: the implementation of stronger and lighter materials; improved comfort, handling and performance; and the introduction of the mountain bike. Because of their ability to adapt to these changes, Bethesda's bicycle community recognized the outstanding service Griffin Cycle provided. That recognition led to Nick acquiring a Trek dealership in 2001. Trek provides excellent service and produces a diverse range of outstanding bicycles. 

     Now, all over the greater DC are, people are riding kid's bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids saying, "There is a little something special in that hidden corner of Bethesda, a nice little bicycle shop called Griffin Cycle."